ISPCC Missing Children's Hotline

Our latest campaign for the ISPCC takes us on the traumatic tale of a young girl who has decided to run away from home. During the short movie you see the journey unfold through her eyes. But the scary thing is that it isn’t just a story, or a tale.   


In Ireland, 30,000 missing children reports have been filled since 2008.  What happens when these children are out wandering the streets? Do they have money? Are they safe? Who can they turn to?





The campaign speaks to young people who are thinking about, or have already made the decision to run away from home.

The key message is that they may have nowhere left to run, but they do have somewhere left to turn: The Missing Children’s Hotline 116 000.


No child should ever feel like they have nobody to turn to. The hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is free to call. And once connected, the caller is linked to someone that they can talk to, somebody they can turn to.  


The video launch coincides with national Missing Person’s day, and we ask you to please share it across your social media platforms to generate awareness for this important issue. #MissingChildren